All products sold by Artiks have a warranty. During the warranty period we will compensate you for any manufacturing defects in the product.

Before any compensation can be paid, Artiks must be provided the opportunity to inspect the product. It is at Artiks sole discretion if we choose to exercise this right. Artiks will have the final say if any new product will be issued.


When you purchase from Artiks you will have 30 days right of return starting from the day you received the product. If you choose to exercise your right of return, you must clearly indicate that you wish to do so. Your 30-day period right of return starts on the date you received your purchase.

When you return a product, the product must be in the same condition as when you received it. You may not use the product, although you naturally may carefully inspect it. If the product is damaged or lost due to negligence on your part, you forfeit your right of return.

When making a return, you must return everything that was included in the original delivery, including, but not limited to, all packaging used any extra gifts provided and the purchased product.


Costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the customer.


We try to offer the best products at competitive prices at Artiks, and as such we must charge a fee of 29.90GBP for each parcel which you choose not to pick up at the post office. We hope you understand this is merely to cover our cost of posting, and by charging this fee we try to insure that all our customers get the best possible service at competitive prices. Currently this fee is 29.90€ for each uncollected or refused parcel.


If you have made a return to Artiks, we will refund your purchase price within 30 days from the day we received your return. If you have made a return to us, you are responsible for any return freight charges incurred when returning the product.


Artiks follows all the relevant national privacy and data protection laws in all countries in which Artiks operates. When you as a customer register at Artiks you accept that we will store your information. But, you have the right to take part in any information we have stored in accordance with all national laws.


These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between You and Artiks. Under this agreement, the goods or services purchased on this website will be delivered directly to you by Artiks.


You as the customer have an obligation to read and accept these terms before making the purchase.